Genetically Personalised

Genetically Personalised


Unlock your potential with the world's first genetically personalised nutrition shake

Genetically Personalised

Genetically Personalised


Unlock your potential with the world's first genetically personalised nutrition shake


Unlock your potential with the world's first genetically personalised nutrition shake

Why compromise on performance?

When you’re ready to give it everything you’ve got, you need to pay attention to every detail.

Every training plan. Every workout. Every mental push.

If you’re a workout obsessive, you also need to be a nutrition obsessive. It just doesn’t work any other way. If you only focus on one, you’re never going to achieve your goals.

Serious athletes need serious nutrition. Nutrition that’s designed to help you work harder. Nutrition that’s built just for you.

Go further.
Achieve more.
Crush every goal.

Personalised, complete nutrition

Find out about all NGX products, services and bundles right here.

NGX Starter Bundles

Our Starter Bundles are the best way to start your NGX journey. Each bundle contains a DNA Nutrition test and NGX BodyFuel, your genetically personalised nutrition shake.

NGX 2-Week Starter Pack

Our best-seller, the NGX 2-Week Starter Pack. Comes loaded with a DNA test, your personal nutrition report, 2 weeks’ worth of personalised nutrition and a delicious flavour add-in. Plus get a FREE t-shirt and FREE shaker!

All this at the special introductory rate of £89.99 - saving you over £50!


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Choose your flavour and shirt size

NGX Test & Shake

Little brother to the 2-Week Starter Pack, the NGX Test & Shake is a teaser bundle to get you on the right path with NGX. Includes a DNA test, your personal nutrition report and 1 weeks’ worth of personalised nutrition.

Also an introduction, this bundle is available at the special intro rate of £69.99 - saving you £55!


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Genetic Testing

If you don’t fancy one of our Starter Bundles but you still want to discover what is holding you back, check out our DNA Nutrition Test.

DNA Nutrition Test

This is the test that could change your life.

Discover what your body truly needs to achieve the next level. This easy-to-use DNA Nutrition test is delivered straight to your door and your personal nutrition report follows 10-14 business days later.


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NGX Nutrition

From the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake, to post-workout recovery and flavour maximisation, we’ve got you covered.

NGX BodyFuel (500g)

For first order or re-order.

The original NGX Hero, for those that have completed a DNA Nutrition test.

When you buy this product, we will automatically match the shake ingredients to your personal nutrition needs, so you can be sure you’re getting the right nutrition for your body.

Buying for someone else? No problem. Let us know who you are buying for and we will match the shake to their needs too. It’s that simple!

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NGX PowerPack

The NGX PowerPack is a 500g pouch of blended pea protein, brown rice, oats and creatine designed to maximise workout recovery. A perfect partner to BodyFuel.

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SuperBerry Flavour
add-in (200g)

The SuperBerry flavour is filled with natural berry vibes that transform your NGX BodyFuel or PowerPack into a mouthwatering sensation.

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Cacao-Coconut Flavour add-in (200g)

The Cacao-Coconut flavour is rich, dark and smooth. The perfect add-in to take your NGX shakes from good, to unbelievably great!

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NGX Accessories

NGX Shaker

Stay fuelled on the go. Take NGX anywhere with this classic MixMaster shaker - the perfect accompaniment to NGX nutrition products.

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NGX T-Shirt

Wear NGX anywhere with this classic-style unisex t-shirt. Soft and comfortable, yet durable. Great for wearing out and about or during a workout.

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What is DNA test and how it is done?

When we talk about a DNA test, a DNA Nutrition test or a genetic test, we are talking about the same thing. The test involves three key steps: 1) order online and the kit is delivered to your door 2) collect a tissue sample from the inside of your cheek following instructions enclosed with the test kit 3) send the sample to us using the pre-paid and addressed envelope. The test is performed by the laboratory in the UK to identify specific variations within each gene we analyse. These are called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs. It is these variations that affect how you process and absorb certain nutrients.

What does our DNA test tell you?

The Human Genome Project -- an international 13-year collaboration that mapped out all of the genes in humans -- discovered approximately 50,000 variances (differences in the individual DNA code) in our genetic code that can make a difference in how your body functions. The interaction between our diet and the nutrients that we get from our diet has led to a field called nutrigenetics, which looks at how our genes determine our response to nutrients in food and beverages. By better understanding an individual's response to specific nutrients, health-care practitioners could deliver more precise and effective nutrition recommendations. In simple terms, DNA test shows how your body processes nutrients from fats to vitamins and consequently reveal how many of which nutrients should be in your ideal diet.

How accurate are DNA tests?

DNA testing is the most accurate form of scientific evidence available. The only time there may be an error would be if your genetic sample is compromised: collection has not been performed according to the instructions, not enough cells collected or if you ate a meal before taking the swab.

How do I get my DNA tested?

  1. Order a DNA Nutrition test online
  2. We deliver the kit to your door
  3. Follow the instructions to collect a tissue sample from the inside of your cheek, using the cotton bud provided
  4. Send to us using the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope
  5. Receive your results within 10-14 business days!

Is a vegan diet healthy long term?

Yes, a well-planned nutrient dense and varied vegan diet is healthy long-term. There some micronutrients that need particular attention such as vitamin B12, iodine, iron, Omega-3, protein and vitamin K. A good vegan diet must contain good sources of these micronutrients and supplement the ones not supplied by the diet.

What is the difference between nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics?

It is important to note the difference between the terms nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics because although these terms are closely related they are not interchangeable. Nutrigenomics investigates how certain foods interact with our genes to affect our health. On the other hand, Nutrigenetics aims to identify the ways in which very small difference in our genes can alter the effects that nutrient intake has on the body.

In simple terms, nutrigenetics examines how your body responds to nutrients based on your genetics.

Nutrigenomics studies how nutrients affect your body’s expression of your genes.

How is nutritional genomics being used to improve health?

Nutritional genomics is a concept that may revolutionize public health. As indicated above, one goal of nutritional genomics is to find genetic markers that reveal significant gene-diet interaction, thus providing tools for personalized and more successful dietary recommendations (“nutrigenomics”).

Nutrigenetics is the field of science that seeks to understand how we metabolise and process different nutrients, based on our unique genetic make-up.

Our DNA can have a significant effect on the way our bodies use nutrients, such as how these nutrients are absorbed, transported, activated, and eliminated from the body. Once our genetic profile has been determined, we can match our nutrient intake to our genetic make-up to achieve enhanced physical and cognitive performance.

Your privacy is important to us

Data privacy is important. We handle and process your data responsibly and do not share or sell your personal data to any third parties that are not an essential part of our supply chain for providing genetically personalised products and services to you.

You can read our full privacy
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We are confident that you will love NGX and experience real gains and benefits from using our products. However, if after 30 days you are not satisfied, we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

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