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Stay fuelled on the go

Take NGX anywhere with this classic MixMaster shaker - the perfect accompaniment to NGX nutrition products.

At 700ml, the shaker is a perfect size for mixing single or double scoops of NGX with your preferred choice of liquid.

The shaker is leak proof, dishwasher friendly and contains a mesh mixing grill to keep your NGX smooth and lump free.

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See the shaker in action

Mix with nearly any cold liquid or in with food. Let George walk you through how to build an NGX shake in a few easy steps.

Suggested usage

Pour desired amount of milk, water or juice using the ml scale etched into the side of the bottle. For a single 35g scoop of NGX, we recommend 250ml or 500ml for a double scoop.

Add in the powder and flavour then shake. Approximately 7-8 shakes usually makes perfect, clump-free and smooth drinks.

Please note: This shaker is not designed to transport liquids, only to mix for a smooth consistency immediately before consumption.

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