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Awarded Best Buy - "If you’re looking for a completely personalised take on nutrition then it doesn’t get better than Nutri-Genetix (NGX) – the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake, tailored to your own DNA."

"There are protein powders, and then there are protein powders. NGX BodyFuel is specifically formulated to fit your body’s unique needs… Truly a game-changer."

Awarded Best Buy - "NGX take the idea of nutritionally complete meal replacements to the next level with a shake that's tailored to your DNA."

Awarded Best Buy - "The results help create a personalised shake mix, made with pea protein, brown rice and flaxseed to plug your nutritional gaps while fuelling recovery."

"It’s the key to reaching peak performance. At the apex of the trend is personalised nutrition, which experts have called ‘the future of food'."

"Into your fitness? Like to refuel with a post-workout shake? NGX has you covered with its genetically-personalised nutrition shake, which is tailored to your needs using your DNA."

"Will offer enhanced performance and boosted immunity as it is tailored to each rider's DNA after a swab test is taken."

"A diet meal replacement shake based on your own DNA? It doesn’t get more personal than that!

"The best diet would be one that targets insulin sensitivity and is a shift of macronutrient ratios towards higher protein, higher healthy fats and lower carbohydrates,' says Olga Hamilton, Head of Nutrigenetic science at NGX."

"This is the world’s first genetically personalised nutrition shake, tailored to an individuals’ own DNA to achieve enhanced performance."

"Ultimately, it’s a shake, but one that’s bespoke to you. Based on a DNA test to see how your body responds to nutrients, NGX mix a powder that contains all the things your body needs to fuel and recover at its best."

"Since launch says it has sold 30,000 NGX meals. In October raised 203% of a £150k Crowdcube target."

"NGX is perfect for anyone who is striving to increase performance, boost immunity, build lean muscle or lose body fat, with confidence, knowing that they’re fuelling their body optimally. "

"Keep your mental health in check as the cold, dark days draw in with the following advice from Olga Hamilton, VP of Nutrigenetic Science at NGX."

"NGX DNA test offers tailored workout nutrition to help YOU build muscle more efficiently."

“Nutritional therapist Olga Hamilton, VP of nutrigenetic science for personalised nutrition company NGX said the immune trend has been around for a while but it has exploded since COVID-19."

Since the launch, NGX has sold 30,000 meals and collected data on more than 5,000 genetic variations, with its growth rate doubling month on month at present.

"We spoke to Olga Hamilton, VP of Nutrigenetic Science at Nutri-Genetix, to get some advice on how small lifestyle changes could have a positive effect on our general wellbeing.

"NGX will help you build lean muscle, achieve peak cognitive function and boost immunity."