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DNA Nutrition Test & Report

DNA Nutrition Test & Report


Discover what your body truly needs to achieve the next level. Get deep insights and personal targets for protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Learn food sensitivities and intolerances plus much, much more.

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NGX Starter Pack with T-shirt

NGX Starter Pack


Our best-seller. Comes loaded with a DNA Nutrition Test, 30-page personal nutrition report, 2 weeks’ worth of personalised BodyFuel (28x 35g meals), a delicious flavour boost, a FREE NGX t-shirt, FREE shaker and FREE consultation.

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Refuel with NGX. From your daily shake to workout recovery, we've got you covered.

NGX BodyFuel (1kg)


An all-in-one shake of 30 essential nutrients, personalised to your needs. The perfect way to optimise your nutrition and exceed your goals.

Each bag contains 28x 35g high protein meals. Replace or supplement up to two meals per day, depending on your goal. 150 kcals per meal. Blend with cold liquids or in a smoothie. From only £2.12 per meal. Requires DNA Nutrition Test results to purchase.

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NGX PowerPack

NGX PowerPack (500g)


Enhance workout performance and accelerate recovery with PowerPack, a unique and vegan friendly blend of protein, BCAAs, L-arginine, carbohydrates, healthy fats, creatine and caffeine. Contains 14x 35g servings. Consume with water 1hr before or after workouts for maxium results.

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NGX SuperBerry Flavour Boost

SuperBerry Flavour Boost (200g)


Filled with super natural berries to transform your shake into a mouthwatering sensation.

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NGX Cacao-Coconut Flavour Boost

Cacao & Coconut Flavour Boost (200g)


The Cacao-Coconut flavour is rich, dark and smooth. The perfect add-in to take your NGX shakes from good, to unbelievably great!

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NGX Accessories

NGX gear to help you on your journey
NGX T-Shirt

NGX T-Shirt


Perfect for the gym or the park, the light but durable NGX T won't let you down. Available in classic female / male fit.

NGX Shaker

NGX Shaker


Whether you're consuming NGX on the go, at the office or in the gym, this 700ml shaker has got you covered.

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