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NGX 2-Week Starter Pack


Our best-seller. Comes loaded with a DNA Nutrition test, your 30-page personal nutrition report, 2 weeks’ worth of personalised BodyFuel (2x 500g bags of 35g meals), a delicious flavour boost, an NGX t-shirt and shaker.

DNA Nutrition Test


Discover what your body truly needs to achieve the next level. This easy-to-use DNA Nutrition test is delivered straight to your door and your personal nutrition report follows 10-14 business days later.A DNA test is required in order to personalise your NGX BodyFuel shake.

NGX BodyFuel 1KG


When you buy this product, we will automatically match the shake ingredients to your personal nutrition needs, so you can be sure you’re getting the right nutrition for your body.

Buying for someone else? No problem. Let us know who you are buying for and we will match the shake to their needs too. It’s that simple!

Perfect additions to your BodyFuel

From a post-workout recovery boosting shake to flavour maximisation, we’ve got you covered.

NGX PowerPack 500g


The NGX PowerPack is a 500g pouch of blended pea protein, brown rice, oats and creatine designed to maximise workout recovery. A perfect partner to BodyFuel.

NGX SuperBerry Flavour Boost 200g


The SuperBerry flavour is filled with natural berry vibes that transform your NGX BodyFuel or PowerPack into a mouthwatering sensation.

NGX Cacao & Coconut Flavour Boost 200g


The Cacao-Coconut flavour is rich, dark and smooth. The perfect add-in to take your NGX shakes from good, to unbelievably great!

NGX Accessories

NGX T-Shirt


Wear NGX anywhere with this classic-style unisex t-shirt. Soft and comfortable, yet durable.

NGX Shaker


Take NGX anywhere with this classic MixMaster shaker - the perfect accompaniment to NGX nutrition products.

NGX Happiness Guarantee

Love NGX or get your money back. Simple.