Genetically Personalised Nutrition.

Genetically Personalised


Unlock your potential with the world's first genetically personalised nutrition shake.

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Be the first to get your hands on one of our NGX Starter Packs. We’re giving our first 1000 Founder Members a head start with our introductory offer.

£75 (RRP £150)

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What's included in the starter pack?

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DNA Test Kit + Genetic Report

Discover insights about your personal nutrition profile to help you optimise your daily nutrition

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One Month of NGX

4 x BodyFuel packs (2KG)
1 x PowerPack (500g)
1 x Flavour (200g)

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NGX Shaker and T-Shirt

A branded t-shirt and shaker to make your personalised BodyFuel

Benefits of NGX Nutrition

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Ingredients are naturally sourced and your shake is produced responsibly

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High in protein

A huge 55g of protein per 70g to boost energy, muscle growth and keep you feeling full

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Humane (Vegan)

Animals and the planet are important to us – therefore your shake is totally vegan friendly

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Hits Personal Targets

Meets your unique nutrition requirements for optimising health and fitness

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Saves time

Maximum convenience with a personalised all-in-one shake for a life on the go

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Saves money

With an average shake cost of less than £1.80 you make a huge saving with every meal replaced

How does the NGX subscription work?

Based on the insights provided by your DNA, we design your NGX shake to hit your personal nutrition targets, using a tailored mix of naturally sourced macro and micro nutrients. We then deliver NGX straight to your door.

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We send you a DNA kit in the post, you do a quick cheek swab and send it back to us free of charge

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Our nutritionists analyse your results, prepare your report and create your personalised NGX BodyFuel


We deliver your NGX products straight to your door for you to enjoy

What is Nutrigenetics?

NGX is underpinned by the pioneering science of nutrigenetics.

Put simply, Nutrigenetics matches up nutritional needs with your individual genetic requirements to enable optimal physical and mental health through genetically personalised nutrition regimes.

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Fundamental for achieving any health, fitness or wellbeing goal

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We are all genetically unique (except identical twins!) and have unique nutritional requirements. One size does not fit all

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Peak performance body + mind

Hitting your personal nutrition targets enables you to reach and exceed your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, faster than ever before

Why do I need NGX?

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Achieve the look you want, easier and faster

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Build lean muscle and lose fat

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Enhance workout recovery

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Naturally tasty and convenient, saving time on your food prep!

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Cheaper than a coffee (less than £1.80 per serving)

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Improve and understand your diet so you optimise your fitness goals

Achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals

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What’s in my NGX?

We believe that to achieve your best, you need to eat the best.

Your NGX BodyFuel shake includes a personalised blend of high quality, natural macro nutrients and a micronutrient mix to provide all your dietary vitamins and minerals, so you can focus on realising your full potential.

Nutritional information


Protein (pea / brown rice)

Slow burn carbs (gluten free oats)

Healthy fats (flaxseed, coconut)


(Including A-K)

All 26 essential minerals

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Our Products

NGX products are sourced from natural ingredients and are vegan, allergen free and contain zero added sugar.

BodyFuel pack


Your genetically personalised, high protein daily nutrition shake with 31 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

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For enhanced workout recovery to use with your BodyFuel on workout days

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Cacao & Coconut pack

Cacao & Coconut

100% naturally sourced and packed with healthy fats

Add to your shake to create a delicious flavour

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SuperBerry pack


100% naturally sourced and packed with antioxidants

Add to your shake to create a delicious flavour

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Starter Pack

Be the first to get your hands on one of our NGX Starter Packs. We’re giving our first 100 Founder Members a head start with our introductory offer.

£75 (RRP £150)

Keep your Founders Members offer as long as you stay on the subscription (usually £99)

3 packs of NGX products

NGX Your Way

Be your own alchemist and create your shake however you want it.

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Add coconut water, milk alternatives or a liquid of your choice to your NGX shaker

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Add in your personalised NGX BodyFuel

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Option to add in a scoop from your PowerPack for post workout recovery or meal replacement (with slow burning carbs)


Option to add in your favourite natural flavour then shake and enjoy.

Try our Cacao & Coconut for extra healthy fats or our SuperBerry for a burst of anti-oxidants)

"As a personal trainer I have been looking for a product I can trust. After three months of testing, this is definitely the product for me. The taste is great, mixes really well and the results speak for themselves.  I’ve managed to incorporate into my routine and it saves me time and money not having to make another meal prep each day."

CJ, London - read more about CJs trial here

"I’ve been using NGX for the last 6 months and found it amazing. My goal was to cut down my fat % and and I’ve managed to lose 20% body fat in 2 weeks using NGX for breakfast (and keeping to my exercise routine of 3 sessions a week)."

Lauren, London

Approved by credible nutritionists and scientists

Our medical advisory board are specialists within the field of Nutrigenetics , allowing us to formulate and develop pioneering products which enable you look, feel and perform at your best.

The Power of Nutrigenetics

“The relationship between our genes and what we eat is becoming clearer through advances in the field of Nutrigenetics - once an individual has had their genetic profile determined, they can optimise their daily nutritional intake and achieve enhanced physical and cognitive performance.“

Dr, Vimal Karani, Associate Professor of Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics, University of Reading
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Olga Hamilton

Registered Nutritional Therapist, FdSc, DipION, PGDip Nutritional Medicine, BA (Hons), mBANT, CNHC Registered

image of woman

Professor Helen Roche

Human Nutrition & Molecular Medicine. Bsc, PHD, Msc

image of man

Professor Michael Müller

Professor of Nutrigenomics and Systems Nutrition.PHD, DipLON, Bsc

image of man

Dr. Vimal Karani

Associate Professor of Nutrigenetics & Programme Director for Food and Nutritionial Sciences PHD

Press and Awards


British Business Awards 2019

NGX has been shortlisted for the British Business Awards Most Innovative Business Idea, making the top 5 from 120 contenders. Read more

Slingshot 2019 Global Finalist

NGX has been shortlisted for the British Business Awards Most Innovative Business Idea, making the top 5 from 120 contenders. Read more

Why NGX?

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GDPR Privacy Protected

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No bulking agents

We commit to quality, natural ingredients which means we never add in synthetic materials or bulking agents to our products

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Made by nutritionists

Our NGX nutritionists are instrumental in all product development across the NGX range

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Evidence based science

Research and innovation are at the heart of everything we do.

We’re all about pioneering ideas and innovation to help you achieve your goals faster

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The NGX 60 Days Guarantee

Get your NGX with zero risk. If after 60 days of using NGX you haven’t improved in your health or fitness goal, we will give you your money back. Terms apply.

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