I have already done a DNA test with another company, can you use their data?

It will depend on the company with whom you’ve done the test with. Contact us at contact@nutri-genetix.com for more information.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our packaging is almost fully biodegradable, and we’re working closely with our suppliers to ensure everything can be fully recyclable and compostable.

Can I just do a DNA test without the personalised protein?

You can, please contact us for further details at contact@nutri-genetix.com

Are your supplements checked by Informed Sport?

Currently not, this is something we are working on delivering from early 2020.

How many flavours are available?

Currently two, but we are looking to add two more flavours in late 2020.

I am allergic to peanuts, will this be an issue?

Our nutrition products are allergen free from all known allergens; this included lactose, gluten, nuts.  NGX is also a vegan product. If you are concerned at all, please contact us at contact@nutri-genetix.com

Will your DNA kit tell me my ancestry?

Our DNA kits are focused on nutrition & diet, so will not provide you with any info on your ancestry or heritage.

Is it Keto friendly?

Yes, our BodyFuel is Keto friendly as we have high protein but a low carb mix.

How will you use my DNA test results?

We send these anonymously to our lab through a barcode system, these results are then sent back to our nutritionists and processed to give you your personalised shake.

What science are you basing this on?

The field of science is called Nutrigenetics and we have recruited some of the leading professors in the world to support us with the R&D of NGX.  

Nutrigenetics is the field of science that seeks to understand how we metabolise and process different nutrients, based on our unique genetic make-up. Our DNA can have a significant effect on the way our bodies use nutrients, such as how these nutrients are absorbed, transported, activated, and eliminated from the body. Once our genetic profile has been determined, we can match our nutrient intake to our genetic make-up to achieve enhanced physical and cognitive performance.  

Please have a read here for further information and research.

Will my DNA need updating over time?

 No, once we have had your test through, your DNA results will not change.  However, your goals may change and we can adapt your shake accordingly.  

What are DNA and genes?

  1. DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid and is a chemical found in nearly every cell in the human body. Our DNA is arranged as a double helix and holds the genetic information that determines our physical traits and characteristics – from our eye colour to how we metabolise and process different nutrients.
  2. Each double helix is composed of four base components: adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). The order, or sequence of these components is called a gene (and collectively genotype). This is similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet are ordered to form words and sentences. These genes provide the instructions our bodies need to make molecules such as protein, which perform functions such as breaking down and processing nutrients.

How can the DNA make it personalised to you?

Your DNA test has analysed specific genes relating to how you process and metabolise certain nutrients. We have compared your results with the scientific literature to understand your response to different foods and nutrients. This information enables us to determine the optimal mix of ingredients for your shake.

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