Keeping fit around a busy schedule

It’s something a lot of us have had to juggle, finding the time to keep fit around work, early meetings, picking up and dropping off kids, a social life. We asked around the office at NGX to find out some of the ways you can still squeeze in a workout around a packed-out schedule.

The Commute

If you’re like any of the NGX staff, a commute across London can be a bit of a nightmare. Trains are delayed, tubes are packed, traffic is insane. Consider getting off the tube or bus a stop early, and walk the last few 100 meters to work. Maybe pick up a cheap bike or hire one, and cycle to work if possible.

Aside from the physical benefits, it will be a chance to avoid the stress of the normal commute which should mean you get to the office feeling fitter and happier.

The Lunch Break Sweat

Getting to the gym might not be practical, so go for a walk around the block. Explore whether your colleagues would be interested in starting a running group if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere scenic.

The Break-of-dawn or the Night time workout

This one is not available to everyone but there has been an explosion in the last 36 months, of 24-hour gyms. Gyms that stay open throughout the night: The Gym, Puregym, DW Fitness - in London, some even offer classes through the night. If your schedule is hectic, and you work late into the night, consider a quick trip to a 24 hour gym, and do a little cardio before bed, or very first thing in the morning. Even if you start work at 1am like the Queens butcher, you can still get in a workout before your morning commute.

Taking the long way round

Sometimes there really is not a moment, at any time during the day, to do a proper workout. There’s no way you can get out for a run, or a bike ride, or get to the gym, change, workout, shower, change, and get back in between two meetings.

The only thing you can do is try to take the long way round: take the stairs at work, get off the bus a stop early and walk the extra 100m, or walk around the office as much as possible. Every little bit of exercise throughout the day will add up, and will burn off those pesky calories hidden in all the meeting-room biscuits.

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