10 Reasons Why You Should Do A DNA Nutrition Test
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10 Reasons Why You Should Do A DNA Nutrition Test

Make the transition from diet to lifestyle 🍏 

Most of us have tried countless diets that simply didn’t work. Each and every one of us are genetically different and therefore we simply cannot follow the exact same diet and exercise regime in the hope of achieving the same results.


If weight loss is your goal, good news! Nutrigenetic testing has been shown to lead to better compliance and longer-term maintenance of diet and weight loss. A study by Stanford University found participants lost 33% more in half the time than those on a non-personalised diet.


Discover your caffeine sensitivity ☕️ 

Caffeine is the most common stimulant we consume daily - some of us more than others. It keeps you awake and on the ball. Your NGX DNA test will analyse your caffeine sensitivity so that you can discover if you are a ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ metaboliser of caffeine - meaning that caffeine may or may not be a good pre-workout for you and may help you improve your exercise performance.

 Three different types of coffee

Vitamin D - the happy hormone! ☀️ 

Changes in the VDR gene – that determines sensitivity of vitamin D receptors on all cells - known as polymorphisms, have been shown to have an impact on anything from mood and immunity to our bone health and energy levels. It has even been shown that vitamin D can inhibit new fat cell formation and so may help achieve weight loss goals.


You can find out your individual requirements and whether you could benefit from taking a supplement or increasing your vitamin D intake on a daily basis.


B Vitamins - the energy nutrients! 💊

B Vitamins are the energy powerhouses for the body and are needed in almost every bodily process. They have an impact on fatigue, cognition, strength and even sleep. Your NGX DNA test results will be able to indicate if your body has an increased requirement for B vitamins compared to the general population, so you can ensure you’re fuelled to really crush your goals.


Omega-3 needs 🐟

Your report looks at a few genes involved in regulating inflammation and your Omega-3 requirements based on these genes. Having enough of this essential fatty acid is very important as it can improve endurance and recovery, help in building muscle or burn fat and also reduce cellular inflammation in the body. Your NGX nutrition report will tell you your daily requirement. 


Discover food sensitivities 🍞

Do you ever feel sick after eating pizza or cheese and not sure which one is the culprit? Your NGX report will indicate whether you have an increased risk of gluten sensitivity or lactose intolerance and can help you get to the bottom of what’s really going on.


Carbs and fat response 🥑 

Are you better at using carbs or fats as a source of fuel? You can find this out on your report. This information holds true for a lifetime so you can truly know what the best diet is for you, for the rest of your life so you can unlock your potential and crush your goals.


Antioxidant needs 🫐

Research has shown that certain genetic variations infer a delayed recovery from hard exercises. Your NGX report will tell you your body’s potential for recovery and even give you recommendations about your antioxidant requirements so you can ensure you’re ready for your next workout and support your immunity at the same time.


Know what diet to follow the rest of your life 🥑 

Are you better at using carbs or fats as a source of fuel? You can find this out on your report. This gives an understanding of how you use each macronutrient, and how body composition changes in response to different macro ratios.


All that’s needed is a swab of saliva that is sent off to be tested in the lab. The test is easy and painless and your report is ready within 14 days. Finding out about yourself (at the cellular level!) is as easy as that.


Be at the cutting edge of science 🧬 

Nutrigenetic science is just at the beginning of its discoveries and you can be a part of the movement! Personalised nutrition is the future of nutrition and you can be benefiting from it right now with the results of your DNA nutrition report.


With this amount of information, you can feel empowered to make major changes to your health, for life. Want to discuss your results further? You can book a complimentary 15 minute call with one of our nutrition experts to discuss your results once you've received your report.


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