What is nutrigenetics and why is it important?

 We are entering a new era of personalised nutrition where one size no longer fits all.
Nutrigenetics is the field of science that seeks to discover how individual genetic variations affect metabolism, response and requirements for macro- and micronutrients.
While official Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) and Reference Intakes (RIs) are useful guidelines for the amount of calories and nutrients that we should consume on a daily basis, they are not suitable to use as targets because the genetic diversity between ethnic groups and individuals results in differences in nutrient bioavailability (the amount of a nutrient that actually enters the bloodstream during digestion) and metabolic function. Simply put, we all different and we all have different nutritional requirements.
The fundamental goal of nutrigenetics is to match nutrient intake with genome status so that metabolism and cell function can occur optimally – enabling the mind and body to operate at peak performance.
Our mission at Nutri-Genetix is to simplify the process of nutrition optimisation, enabling you to realise your true cognitive and physical potential. Through a simple genetic test we are able to modify existing standard nutritional guidelines and develop a personalised shake that contains a tailored mix of micro and macro nutrients to suit your meet your specific needs.