Results Accelerator Plans

If you want to build muscle, lose body fat or increase performance, let us help you get the best results with a range of acceleration plans to suit your needs

Whether you're a first-timer or elite athlete, a personalised diet improves results for all health and fitness goals.

Our Result Accelerator Plans can provide you with a quick consultation or a fully supported transformation programme. Spaces are limited, so secure your plan today.

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DNA Report Intro

A quick look at your DNA results, goals & personal nutrition recommendations

15-minute consultation
Protein, fat & carb needs
Calorie goals
Vitamin & mineral levels
Ideal food groups
Tailored NGX guidance
An initial consultation is free with every DNA Kit purchased. Subsequent consultations are just £25.00

Acceleration Plan

A one-time Accelerator Plan using deep dive insights from your DNA, lifestyle & goals

Everything in Level 1 PLUS
60 min online consultation
Current diet analysis
Body measurement analysis
Goal setting
Dietary enhancements
7-day diet plan
Food diary tracker
*Do you require a medical consultation?

Best Seller

1-Month Accelerator Programme

A dynamic programme that we adapt to your preferences & evolving needs

Everything in Level 2 PLUS
1-month plan
3x 15 min weekly check-ins
Goal tracking
Nutrition tracking
Measurement tracking
Before, during & after photos
Dynamic plan adjustments
14-day diet plan
Unlimited online support
*Do you require a medical consultation?

Guaranteed Results*

The NGX Challenge!

Our NGX Hero transformation programme that delivers guaranteed results

Everything in Level 3 PLUS
3-month plan
11x 15 min online check ins
30-day diet plan
Goal completion report
Personal case study
Results guarantee* (T&Cs)
*Do you require a medical consultation?
* select this option if you require a plan to support with specific medical conditions, such as diabetes or overactive thyroid (requires specialist team)

How it works

Choose your preferred plan

Book your first consultation via the email link we send you

Your nutritionist creates your chosen Accelerator Plan!

What you can expect

After your purchase
Whether you have booked a Level 1 or Level 4 plan, after you complete your purchase you will be sent a confirmation email with a link to book your first consultation.

The link will take you to a Calendly page where you can select an available time that is convenient to you. Once you have completed the booking, both you and one of our expert nutritionists will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link. Simply click on the link at the time of the booking to access the online consultation.
At your consultation
You will meet with your nutritionist for your initial one-to-one consultation on Zoom.

If you have booked Level 1 your nutritionist will provide a high level overview of your report for 15 minutes, focussing on key areas of interest as a result of your DNA Nutrition Test and answering any of your burning questions.

If you have booked Level 2 - 4, you will go straight into a 60 - minute deep dive with your nutritionist who will use a questionnaire as a basis to review your health goals, current health symptoms, current food intake and medical history (if you selected this when purchasing your plan).

Together you will discuss your health and fitness goals, the important results from your DNA Nutrition Test, good and bad food groups for achieving your goals, timelines for achieving your goals and how to achieve your target vitamin and mineral levels. Using this information, your nutritionist will work with you to agree a realistic programme for you to follow. If applicable and desired by you, we will then ask you to record some body assessments. This can include measuring your height, weight, body fat %, muscle mass %, BMI, resting metabolic rate and visceral fat.
After your consultation
If you purchased a Level 2 - 4 plan, you will receive your Results Accelerator Plan within 24 hours of your consultation by email. This plan will include a summary of any key points discussed in your consultation (that are not already in in your Personal Nutrition Report), a summary of your agreed goals and targets, your personalised meal options, personalised diet plan and any actions your nutritionist has recommended. If the consultation was the last in your booking sequence, the nutritionist will be happy to respond to one email of any follow up or clarification questions you may have after receiving your Accelerator Plan.
Follow up consultations
Follow up consultations work on the same principle as your initial consultation, but will last for 15 minutes and are generally booked at weekly intervals. This time is used to review your programme, collect your tracking data, assess your progress to date and see which of the recommendations have worked well for you. Whilst evaluating your progress, the nutritionist may decide to adjust some parts of your plan so that it fits better with your lifestyle. This continuous process of evaluation and optimisation helps you to stay on track and achieve the best possible results from your plan.

Meet your nutritionists...


Olga Hamilton

Head of Nutrigenetic Science (MSc, BA (Hons), DIP.ION.)

Hi! I’m Olga and I lead all things nutrition here at NGX. I am a registered nutritional therapist, have an MSc in Nutritional Medicine and am a thought leader in the areas of personalised nutrition and nutrigenetics. I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences (including TEDx) and for 15 years I’ve been creating personalised nutrition plans for a wide variety of goals including weight loss, sports performance and improving immune response. So you’re in safe hands!

Rebecca Taylor

Nutrigenetics Nutritionist (BSc, MSc, ANutr)

Hi I’m Becca! I have completed a masters in Nutrition & Genetics and am an accredited Registered Nutritionist. I have a strong belief that the way to truly optimal health is by following a diet that is fully personalised to the individual, particularly at the genetic level. Everyone is different and I love being able to create plans that have a meaningful impact on people achieving their goals.

Hear what our clients have to say....

“Increased energy levels”

“Increased energy levels”

“I chose (the NGX Challenge) to helpwith my running performance. Aftercompleting the programme, my energylevels are definitely up! My blood testrevealed that my B9 levels have alsotripled-I’m feeling really great.”

Luke, 40 years old, marathon runner

“Insightful and surprising report”

“Insightful and surprising report”

“Insightful and surprising report ongenetic pre-dispositions to certaincategories of foods and nutrients. Veryhelpful though to provide pointers in theright direction, and help with goodnutritional habits. Becca was amazingand super helpful / knowledgeable. Amrecommending this to my friends.


“Great for adding muscle”

“Great for adding muscle”

“I found the DNA test results to be veryinteresting, it's great having an insightinto the way your body processesnutrients and vitamins.Whether you want to add muscle, loseweight, or both, I would highlyrecommend making NGX a part of yourhealth and fitness journey.

Richard Cox

“Hitting PBs & less muscle soreness”

“Hitting PBs & less muscle soreness”

“I chose (the NGX challenge) to havethe energy to run after my kids. This hasbeen a lifesaver for me. I’m definitelystronger in my workouts and happy tohave something nutritious for my bodythat helps me absorb nutrients better.I’m really pleased that my Vitamin Dlevels have increased and my recoveryis better.

Jess, NGX Challenge, mum of two

“Excellent DNA report”

“Excellent DNA report”

“The DNA Report is very detailed andcontained some surprises, but thingsthat made perfect sense and go a longway to explaining my weight gain andfatigue. Becca really went the extra mileto explain key points.”

Wendy E.

“The BEST nutritional supplement Ihave ever come across”

“The BEST nutritional supplement Ihave ever come across”

I love the DNA test process, constantupdates on the status of the analysis ofthe test, and the consultation with anutritionist is absolutely brilliant and soinformative. I'd highly recommend NGX,they seem to be a step above everyother brand out there.”