Wellbeing Benefits of BodyFuel, Explained
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Wellbeing Benefits of BodyFuel, Explained

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK at the beginning of 2020, awareness on the importance of health and wellbeing soared. Google searches in 2020 for 'self care', 'How does vitamin C help your body' and 'What does vitamin E do for your skin' increased by 250%, 2600% and 150% respectively. 

Without a professional, it's almost impossible to understand your personal nutritional needs, and even more stressful to hit them each day. At NGX, we have a dedicated team of scientists and nutritionists to make this simple, it's called personalised BodyFuel.


how bodyfuel supports wellbeing

Top Benefits of BodyFuel

The key element of BodyFuel is that it's personalised to your DNA. This means that the nutrients within your shake are increased to specific percentages, above the regular daily allowance to account for 'unfavourable gene results' (those that impair your ability to process and utilise a specific nutrient). As a result, the nutrients in your bloodstream will be at an optimum level to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

Support Your Immunity 

Vitamin A

The BC01 gene converts beta-carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) into vitamin A. A variant on this gene can reduces its efficiency by 50% (1). Research shows vitamin A can enhance your immune system and provide a greater defense against multiple infectious diseases (2).

Your personalised BodyFuel contains the vitamin A you need dependent on your BC01 result from your NGX DNA Nutrition Test, greater than the recommended daily average.

Vitamin D

Your NGX DNA Nutrition Test results include your VDR receptor sensitivity, this determines how your body responds to vitamin D and the amount you require.

Vitamin D intake below your personal nutritional requirement is associated with increased susceptibility to infection (3). Your personalised BodyFuel contains your unique vitamin D requirements based on your VDR receptor sensitivity.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant which plays a significant role in supporting functions of the immune system.

A meta-analysis indicated vitamin C supplementation is effective in reducing the incidence, and severity of the common cold (4). Your personalised BodyFuel contains the vitamin C you need based on your genetic ability to create antioxidants.


The GXP1 gene provides the instructions to make Glutathione Peroxidase, an enzyme related to immune function. Selenium is a component required for this enzyme.

Sub-optimal selenium levels lead to an increase in susceptibility to infection, with higher selenium levels linked to boosting anti-viral immunity (5). Your personalised BodyFuel contains your unique selenium needs based on your GXP1 result.


Feel Energised

B Vitamins

Your DNA test results include the result of MTHFR, RFC1 & TCN2 genes. Together, these genes determine your ability to process and utilise B9 and B12, depending on the result, processing ability can be reduced by up to 70% (6). A short-fall in any of these vitamins has an impact on energy levels (7).

Your personalised BodyFuel contains the quantity of B-vitamins unique to your personal requirements based on your DNA results, leaving you feeling energised day-to-day.


Essential for the production of haemoglobin to carry oxygenated blood around the body. Sub-optimal iron levels in the body result in fatigue and can impaired aerobic activity (8).

Your personalised BodyFuel contains the optimal level of iron needed to support your energy levels.


Boost your Mood


Scientific research has demonstrated a direct link between Omega-3 levels and inflammatory response to psychological stress and have shown how the negative effects can be reduced by keeping your Omega-3 at an optimum level (9,10).

Your NGX DNA Nutrition Test results outline the result of your IL6 and TNF genes. These two genes play an important role in determining your inflammatory response. Your personalised BodyFuel contains the amount of Omega-3 you need, dependent on the activity of these genes.

Vitamin D

Several studies show an association between sub-optimal vitamin D intake and brain function. Depending on your VDR receptor sensitivity, determined in your NGX DNA Nutrition Test, you may have have a higher risk of being deficient in vitamin D (11).

Supplementation of vitamin D has shown improvement in mood. BodyFuel contains your personalised vitamin D requirements based on your DNA results, supporting your mood


Experience the Benefits of Personalised

By consuming 2x35g scoops a day (2 meals), you can reach your personal nutritional needs. You can take it to replace your breakfast and one other meal or snack during the day. For extra calories, add BodyFuel to a smoothie for a personalised breakfast or snack. 

Many of our NGX Heroes have had incredible weight loss transformations, and you can too. Read about Karen's weight loss transformation here.


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