I am leaner and stronger since starting the NGX90 Transformation
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I am leaner and stronger since starting the NGX90 Transformation

A blog written by our NGX Hero Justin...

Hitting a Wall in Weight Training

I have been training for a majority of my life as a way to support my mental wellbeing. However, as I have got older I have found it difficult to really see any progress physically. I found I would go to the gym 4-5 times a week, yet my strength gains and general progression was at a plateau. It was incredibly frustrating to put in time and effort for very little reward and this impacted on my motivation to train.

As a result of this plateau, I lost the confidence to test my capabilities. The one thing in particular that I always wanted to improve on was pull-ups. Weighing in at over 95kg, dong a wide-grip pull-up was quite the task and eventually I became dismissive of this exercise despite being a great movement for developing my back.

Starting the NGX90 Transformation

One evening, I reached out to the team at NGX and ended up having a chat to Nathan. We spent time talking about the plateau I had hit within the gym and he made me aware of an upcoming project called the NGX90 Transformation.

To combine personalised nutrition, training and coaching over a three month period seemed like an exciting process to experience. Being able to access a downloadable app (My PT Hub) and have 1-2-1 access for support and guidance over this time-frame was something I felt would get where I wanted to be. 

Topless man weight loss transformation

Signing Up

I was sent an email from Nathan with a link to the NGX90 Transformation package once I had purchased, this led me to downloading the My PT Hub app. This package had a series of forms, one was an eating diary to get an understanding of my current eating habits, and the other was a lifestyle questionnaires. 

Once I had spoken to the nutritionist, and completed the forms, I was given a diet plan and training program. Both of these had notes on from Nathan to provide extra details where necessary. 

The Process

I was able to chat back and forth with Nathan on the app, and I was able to access my meal and diet plan all within my account. What I found really helpful was the ability to log my food, and my performance within the workouts, each day.

Each weekend, I continue to take update photos and log my progress and then chat to Nathan on our messengers with how things have went. Depending on how things are going, the diet and training has always been adjusted accordingly. 

Results to Date

I have been on the transformation for 12 weeks. Over the 12 weeks, I have lost 11kg, and gained much more definition around my chest and abdominal area. I have also went from being unable to do any wide-grip pull ups to doing a couple sets of 10 reps. I can't wait to see what the rest of the transformation will bring! 


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