Why the NGX Tribe use personalised nutrition
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Why the NGX Tribe use personalised nutrition

The power of personalised nutrition

Generic dietary guidelines do not account for individual differences - fact. However, it's all we have ever known and therefore changing to the personalised journey can be strange, and you probably have lots of questions. 

We could tell you about NGX all day long. With that being said, we believe personal is best, in every way. For this reason, we reached out to our loyal NGX tribe, those who have their NGX delivered to their door on a monthly basis.

From professional athletes to busy parents and everything in-between, there is one thing they have in common, they strive for better.

The video below includes: Gordon, Keith, James, Dashee, Georgiana and Yasmin. Listen to their NGX journey to date. Use this as motivation to take that next step by committing to your personalised journey. 

Shining a spotlight on our NGX Heroes

NGX is not just for professional athletes. We believe everyone is capable of achieving their specific goals. Our aim is to empower each NGX Hero by providing them with a comprehensive insight into their nutritional needs, and an action plan on how to hit them with a DNA-based diet & their personalised BodyFuel.

Once you join the NGX Tribe, we are completely invested in you and we want to celebrate the milestones together. We do this by featuring our Heroes on blogs and social media. So let's dive a little deeper into their journeys...

Gordon - Goal: Weight Loss & Muscle Gain

Gordon is a circus performer and joined NGX a year ago, at this time Gordon weighed just under 100kg. After putting weight on over lockdown, he felt like his fitness and general wellbeing had taken a hit. 

After taking a DNA nutrition test, Gordon gained a completely new perspective on his personal nutritional needs. He booked his free consultation with our NGX nutritional experts where he was able to discuss his results, and best route forward to achieve his goals. 

Straight after this consultation, Gordon set up a regular delivery to his personalised BodyFuel and began doing a series on at-home HIIT workouts and outdoor cardio when the 1 hour rule was in place.

After a few, his habit became a lifestyle. Adherence to his personalised BodyFuel and training programme shows. Gordon has lost over 10% body fat and told us "He has never felt better". 


Dashee - Goal: Performance & Wellbeing 

Dashee is a endurance athlete and busy mum of two. With little time to eat meals, Dashee was looking at a way to hit her nutritional needs on the go. She joined the NGX Tribe early 2020.

After receiving her report, Dashee was not too happy about the fact her body is negatively impacted by taking caffeine prior a race as she loves coffee. But when it comes to her personalised BodyFuel, she takes it everywhere! 

We always enjoy receiving pictures of her NGX in the craziest of locations, and the yummy smoothies she makes for breakfast.

Since she's received her personalised BodyFuel, she has never fallen short of her nutritional needs and can spend more time focusing on her training and family time.


Keith - Goal: Performance 

Keith is a 15x British windsurfing champion and personal trainer. Looking to take his performance to the next level, Keith joined the NGX Tribe at the beginning of 2021. 

With pre-existing knowledge of nutrition, he completely understood the power personalised nutrition and it's promise to enable others to hit their goals. 

Once he received his personalised nutrition report, he could see he was falling short on multiple essential nutrients and got his BodyFuel to meet these needs.

Months on and Keith is able to concentrate longer in the office, and his training intensity has been increasing despite working long hours.


Georgiana - Goal: Performance & Wellbeing 

Georgiana runs her own business, and she is also a full-time ballet teacher. Training between 5-6 hours a day made it incredibly difficult to hit her personal nutritional needs. Georgiana joined the NGX Tribe at the beginning of 2021.

After receiving her personalised nutrition report, and consultation she discovered a short-fall in essential vitamins, minerals and overall protein intake as she was trying to cut down her meat intake. 

We have been delivering her personalised BodyFuel every month according to her preferences. It contains the 30 essential nutrients she needs, identified within the DNA report, but also 54g of protein across the 2 NGX meals.

It's been great to see Georgiana bring her personalised BodyFuel to her teaching sessions, and using it as a breakfast smoothie.


James - Goal: Performance & Wellbeing

James Poole is a London based ultra-runner who trains up to 20 hours per week. As a result, James often felt exhausted, and had dips in his motivation toward training sessions for his upcoming challenge. James joined the NGX Tribe around 6 weeks ago.

Once he had taken his DNA nutrition test, we provided him with his personalised nutrition report, detailing his personal nutritional needs and BodyFuel formulation. He then booked a 15-minute consultation with our nutritional experts to discuss further his results, and gained dieting advice to support his ongoing training intensity. 

James has been keeping up his high training intensity with his new workout partner - BodyFuel. Since then, James told us how his quality of sleep has improved, strength increased, and greater motivation for longer runs. 

We often see James on social media creating his very own genetically personalised smoothie recipes to fuel his ultra-distance runs. These smoothies have included blended oats, banana and peanut butter - yummy!


Yasmin - Goal: Performance & Muscle Gain

Yasmin is a 24 year old entrepreneur in social care, transformation coach and an under 47kg British record holder in power lifting. Despite holding records within power lifting, Yasmin wanted to continue increasing her strength, with a focus on squatting, which was already 120kg. She joined NGX a year ago.

After receiving her personalised nutrition report, she discovered her body would respond better to a ketogenic diet which she further discussed with our nutritional experts. Off the back of this, Yasmin dropped her carbohydrate intake and drastically increase her healthy fat intake, on top of consuming her NGX BodyFuel twice a day.

Over lockdown, Yasmin increased her squat and set an unofficial record of 135kg. She will also be competing at the end of June in which we will be attending to see if she can make these records official! 

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