NGX Partnership with Nice Work to bring personalised nutrition to runners
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NGX Announces Partnership with Nice Work


NGX Announces Partnership with Nice Work to Bring Personalised Nutrition to UK Runners

London, 18th July 2023 - NGX, the creator of genetically personalised nutrition shakes, is delighted to announce its partnership with Nice Work, a renowned family business specialising in organising running events. This collaboration aims to provide exclusive personalised nutrition offers to runners across the UK, empowering them to optimise their performance and improve their overall health.

NGX is on a mission to revolutionise the way people approach nutrition by offering tailored advice and nutrition shakes that are customised to individual genetic needs. Understanding that genes play a vital role in how the body utilises macronutrients and micronutrients, NGX ensures that runners receive the precise balance of nutrients they require for enhanced performance. In fact, NGX's testing has shown that 89% of individuals require at least 4 times the recommended intake for six or more nutrients.

To access personalised guidance and products, runners simply need to provide a small cheek swab using a cotton bud from the comfort of their homes. The sample is then sent to NGX's lab for analysis, and within a few days, individuals receive a comprehensive nutrition report along with their tailored nutrition powder. Additionally, runners have the opportunity to consult with a registered nutritionist, further enhancing their understanding of their unique nutritional requirements.

All NGX products are vegan-friendly, free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, added sugar, lactose, gluten, and allergens. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality nutrition solutions that prioritise both health and taste.

Renowned former athlete Jamie Baulch, a World Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist in 400m, has already experienced the benefits of NGX: "As a former elite athlete, I've seen many nutrition products over the years, but I've experienced nothing like this. I genuinely feel stronger, more alert, and energised - and my wife Cheryl even more so. All I would say is try it for three months, and I can almost guarantee you will love the results."

The NGX-Nice Work partnership will launch on the 18th of July, offering runners an exceptional opportunity to enhance their performance and overall well-being. Stay tuned for more details and information about the exclusive personalised nutrition offers.

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