A DNA based diet can unlock your happy weight, forever. Here's 5 reasons proven by science.
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A DNA based diet can unlock your happy weight, forever. Here's 5 reasons proven by science.

Obesity is a growing problem in the western world rising from 30.5% in 1999 to 42% in 20201. A DNA-based diet is scientifically proven to combat obesity - and here are the reasons why. 

Weight management interventions guided by nutrigenomics can motivate long-term improvements in dietary fat intake above and beyond gold-standard population-based interventions 2

This is a direct quote from the British Medical Journal of Nutrition – the highest authority there is when it comes to nutrition. This study in the National Library of Medicine concludes personalised lifestyle advice that includes DNA insights can empower people regain control of their health3 and this study states that “genetic reporting helps develop personalised treatment strategies for obesity” 4.

It’s safe to say the science is robust when it comes when demonstrating that DNA-based diets are one of the best, if not THE best way to achieve long-lasting improvements to weight and health.

So we’ve summarised the five key reasons why a DNA Nutrition Test and a genetically personalised plan can help you find your happy weight, so you can get on with living your best life. 😍

  1. Remove the guesswork
  2. Be empowered with the right information
  3. Maintain motivation on your plan
  4. Get life-changing results
  5. Achieve a lifetime of gains

Keep reading to explore these reasons in more detail – and you may find a hidden gem in amongst the content...

1. Remove the guesswork 🧬

There are a huge number of alternative diet plans and products out there all claiming to be great at what they do. But very little, if any are backed by strong science.

It is however scientifically proven that your genetics have a major role to play in obesity. The FTO gene was the first to be undeniably associated with obesity and body fat5, with different variations having significant influence over your weight6.

When you know your genetics, you can adjust your nutrition plan to compensate7, empowering you to achieve weight loss results that are scientifically proven to be better the ‘gold standard’ of generic recommendations2.

2. Be empowered with the right information 📃

Personalised lifestyle advice that includes DNA-based insights can provide a novel means of addressing a person’s health by empowering them with the information they need to regain control of their health4.

    Discover your optimal balance of macronutrients. That’s the protein, fats and carbohydrates in your diet – in the quantities you need.

      A DNA Nutrition Test and a few questions about you will, for example, give you a full breakdown of exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

      DNA Based Macronutrient Recommendations

      Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are essential for a healthy body and weight. Learn what your body needs every day with insights into your unique genetic variations and specific guidance on how much you need to be consuming of each. This may mean consuming far more than the nutrient reference value (NRV*) guidelines recommend for any one nutrient – anywhere up to 1,500% of the NRV amount. Here is an extract of NGX Nutritionist Becca’s personal requirements:

      Personal vitamin and mineral targets
      The NGX test provides a breakdown for all 26 of your essential vitamins and minerals. And in over 3,000 DNA Nutrition Tests we’ve conducted, not a single person has resulted in simply being the average and needing only 100% of the NRV for each nutrient. Oouf.

      3. Maintain motivation while on your plan 💪🏽

      It should be no surprise that people following nutrigenetic advice stick to their plans longer than those who do not1. That’s another fact from the BMJ. Why is that? Well, it’s because the guidance is rooted in the strongest evidence there is, it is easy to understand and because it works. This was validated by another recent study that demonstrated 91% of participants felt comfortable learning about their genetic and diet information8.
      Genetically tailored diets resulted in better compliance9
      The key to success with any plan is consistency. The hard part comes when you aren’t seeing the results and you begin to question to the guidance. But when you KNOW the guidance is made for you at a genetic level, there is a comfort in believing that the plan will work and you can trust the process. And when you start to see good results coming in only the first few weeks, you will feel compelled to stick to it that much longer.

      4. Get great results🏆

      So, for the most important part there is substantial evidence to demonstrate the benefits of a genetically personalised regime.

      In the rather aptly named POUNDS LOST study, 742 participants achieved significant body composition and fat loss results at 6 months and 2 years10. Two. Years.

      And another showed at an 18-month follow up, those following a personalised plan lost significantly more weight and greater improvements in measures of cholesterol and blood glucose - both key markers for long term weight loss success.11

      Genetically tailored diets resulted in longer-term BMI reduction and improvements in blood glucose levels9

      If you want to achieve great results, here’s a little gem for you. Get 15% off a DNA Nutrition Test and your genetically personalised nutrition report with this code: LITTLEGEM. Expires after 300 uses - so get in there quick!

      5. Achieve a lifetime of gains🪴

      Apart from in exceptionally rare circumstances, your DNA doesn’t change.

      So you only ever need to take one DNA Nutrition Test. You’ll get one set of results and realise a lifetime of benefits. Plus NGX will always update your plan as new science evolves and we learn more about how your DNA influences your needs. You can confidently ditch the ‘diet’ and move to a healthy personalised plan that will keep on delivering you results for the rest of your life.

      So there you have it – five huge reasons to be following a genetically personalised nutrition plan, rooted in deep and robust science.

      If you haven’t already, you can read more about the specific weight and fat loss benefits you can expect to achieve in our next blog: What weight loss results can I expect to see from a DNA-based diet?

      We just didn’t have enough room here…



      *NRV, Nutrient Reference Value – the official food guidelines the often see on the back of food backs

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