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NGX Are Featuring in 7,000 Pharmacies Around the UK!

by Rebecca Taylor on Jun 23, 2022

NGX Are Featuring in 7,000 Pharmacies Around the UK!

NGX are proud to announce our new partnership with the largest pharmaceutical association in the UK - The National Pharmacy Association (NPA)

The National Pharmacy Association realise that people may need an extra helping hand after the past few Covid years to help kick start and prioritise their health and wellbeing goals once again.

Alas, they have launched a post-pandemic initiative aimed to increase the nation’s general health and wellbeing. We are so excited to feature in their magazine as one of their accredited partners - and will be distributed to all 7,000 pharmacies in the UK.

They've named this their 'Ask Your Pharmacist' Campaign and is set to encourage fuller use of pharmacies and provide people with the very best thought leadership and guidance (such as NGX!) to keep them as fit, healthy and active as possible.

We also have an online version of our article on the NPA website here- where you can learn more about How Personalised Nutrition Can Transform Your Health.