Give a £20 coupon, get a FREE BodyFuel or BodyFuel Pro

Like most things in life, NGX is better when enjoyed with friends (or family). Recommend yours and get a FREE 1kg bag of BodyFuel or BodyFuel Pro, worth up to £69.99! That’s a whole 28 meals covered for you by us, just to say thanks :)

What’s more, you’ll give your friend £20 towards their order too. It simply doesn’t get any better.

Referring friends is the best way to get your hands on free BodyFuel. And the more friends you refer, the more BodyFuel you get! So if you've got lots of friends, you can get lots of fuel.

NGX Refer a Friend

Simply log into your account, click ‘Refer a Friend’ and enter your details to get a personalised invite link and start referring. It’s that easy.

New customer minimum order value of £60 and you must have completed a DNA Nutrition Test to receive your free genetically personalised BodyFuel.

Been referred by a friend?

Your £20 coupon will be applied to your order during the checkout process. You will see your discount applied before you are asked to pay.