4 Ways NGX Can Save You Money In The Cost of Living Crisis
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4 Ways NGX Can Save You Money In The Cost of Living Crisis

A recent study from the ONS outlined that 92% of Brits have seen their food bill significantly increase recently. Rising inflation costs are set to increase our food prices by a steep 9.1%. Even previously cheap protein sources such as dried beans, lentils and beans have increased in price by 10% this year.

Despite rising prices almost everywhere you look, we haven’t increased our costs - and we don’t plan to. This is because we know maintaining healthy eating habits might be one of the first things to go when tightening your belt.

Here at NGX, we believe good nutrition is not just a desirable, but essential, component of a healthy lifestyle.

This article will show you four reasons why NGX is a great option when you are aiming to both stick to your goals and stick to your budget.

1. More cost effective than a typical weight-loss diet

A typical fat-loss diet might look like the below on based on 1,500 calories:

  • Breakfast - Kefir yoghurt with berries and muesli
  • Lunch - Egg white omelette with feta and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Dinner - Lentil bolognese with courgette spaghetti
  • Snacks - Hummus and carrots, apple with peanut butter, protein smoothie.

The cost of a typical fat-loss diet like this is £9.54 per day.

On the other hand, substituting one meal and one snack per day costs as little as £4.24 with NGX. 

For this, you get all of the below:

  • 30 essential vitamins and minerals
  • 44g of plant-based protein 
  • 4 superfood powders (spinach, spirulina, haskapa berry and chlorella)
  • 3g omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3g prebiotic fibre

2. Personal nutrition needs. Covered.

NGX is convenient, complete nutrition, delivered straight to your door. Not only that, but you can be sure your personal nutrition needs are covered in two simple scoops. 

Rest assured - we certainly don’t like adding any artificial nasties to our formula either. Only the best, naturally sourced ingredients are carefully chosen. For example, we choose only the highest grade of pea and rice protein with optimal absorption levels, perfect for plant-based eaters. 

NGX BodyFuel is a true all-in-one solution to ensuring all your nutrition needs are covered. No need to worry if you’re getting enough vitamin D or omega-3 - NGX has got you covered for all 30 essential vitamins and minerals.

We defy you to find another meal as nutritious for just over £2 per meal. 

If you are wanting to track your calories, NGX also makes it super easy – two scoops contain 300kcal. It’s as simple as that!

3. Less expensive & more nutritious than a Meal Deal

Many people will be quick to grab a meal deal in the middle of the day in the name of convenience. In fact, a recent survey found 23% of people buy a Meal Deal every day. However, these options are not always the healthiest.

A study has found that lunchtime meal deals in supermarkets and high street shops contain up to 30 teaspoons of sugar. The guideline for adults is no more than 6-9 teaspoons of sugar per day, depending on gender.

Without realising, unhealthy choices at lunch can quickly lead you to a blood sugar crash by mid-afternoon. Cue, an unproductive and sluggish afternoon!

Meanwhile, NGX BodyFuel can keep you full for up to 4 hours and helps stave away blood sugar cravings. Its high protein content releases satiety hormones (called leptin) - signalling to your body that you are full and satisfied for longer. And just 0.2g of natural stevia per serving, so no blood sugar crashes!

To compare the nutrition content of a typical Meal Deal sandwich, take a look at our side by side comparison.

Taking protein as an example:

  • NGX BodyFuel contains 22g of protein per serving. 
  • Tesco’s chicken club sandwich contains almost half this at 13.1g of protein per serving.

Meal Deal BodyFuel comparison

4. Cheaper than buying individual supplements

According to a survey in 2019, the average Brit spends £806 on health supplements each year - mainly consisting of multivitamins.

BodyFuel contains all 30 essential nutrients your body needs every day to function optimally. 

Not only that, but personalised to your unique genetic needs.

You would need to take countless supplements each day to reach the same level of nutrition as BodyFuel. For starters, no one wants to be swallowing that many capsules and tablets. It’s just not that pleasant! Secondly, that’s going to be pretty expensive.. 

In fact, we even worked it out.

To consume the same amount of nutrition in the form of supplements (from a well-known health store) would cost £2.04 every day.

This is only for the vitamins and minerals and does not include all the superfoods, protein, fibre and omega-3 contained in our BodyFuel.

The cost of a like-by-like plant-based protein powder is £2.44 per scoop. By swapping your regular protein powder to us, you get all of your micronutrient needs covered and at less cost than having just protein alone (BodyFuel is £2.12 per serving).

Therefore, you could be saving £744.60 per year in supplement costs by swapping to BodyFuel as a snack, meal replacement or recovery shake (or a mix of all three!).

Here at NGX, we invest in the very best science so we can invest in bringing the very best to you. Our scientific board of experts ensure we are always up-to-date with the very latest in nutritional science and advances in research. 

It is our mission to constantly evolve and improve based on the latest advances in nutritional science. Therefore, when investing in NGX, you know you are investing in the very latest in nutritional science.

Please note: If you are replacing two meals with NGX, ensure that you are enjoying at least one high-fibre meal alongside this to ensure you are hitting your daily 30g intake of fibre, as recommended by the British Dietetic Association

TLDR? NGX BodyFuel is..

✅ Nutritionally complete - 300kcal (2 scoops) of NGX provides you with your personal optimal amount of each essential nutrient

✅ Convenient - BodyFuel is ready in under two minutes and can be taken on-the-go

✅ Affordable – NGX costs as little as £2.12 per meal

✅ Natural - NGX is made from only premium, all-natural ingredients. No added sugar, and no nasties. 


Don’t just take our word for it - check out what our customers have to say about making NGX a non-negotiable part of their healthy lifestyle.

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