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Cooking with NGX BodyFuel

by Hugo Jones on Aug 05, 2022

Cooking with NGX BodyFuel

Cooking with NGX BodyFuel

As our daily go-to nutrition source - we’ve all mixed our fair share of NGX BodyFuel smoothies and shakes. And whilst it’s undeniably a great way to hit your protein macros and get essential nutrients, sometimes it’s nice to try something different and think outside the shaker.

Can you cook with NGX BodyFuel?

You may have heard heated debates over whether extreme temperature can damage the quality of protein powder, thereby reducing its ability to help you build muscle (and wasting money in the process). But can you cook with BodyFuel? The simple answer is yes. Because it’s made with pea protein, it has a slightly higher tolerance to heat than some other types of powder, which makes it great if you want to try something different to your usual smoothie recipe. NGX BodyFuel’s earthy, natural flavour and texture also pairs especially well with coconut, peanut butter, banana and cacao – so there’s no excuse for not getting creative.

Does cooking damage the protein?

One of the most common concerns is that the protein powder is ‘denatured’ when cooked. This process happens when the shape and structure of your protein’s amino acids begin to change. Anything that changes the structure of that protein can alter its function – however this is the same for any protein source—eggs, fish, chicken, etc. In fact, proteins are denatured when they're exposed to the acids in your stomach, which proves that just because a protein is denatured, it does not make it useless. The good news is, cooked or uncooked, your body is still absorbs the same amount of protein.

Can you freeze NGX BodyFuel?

Freezing BodyFuel overnight won’t change the protein, but you might find it changes the texture and taste. If you need to freeze a shake or smoothie, then our advice is to whizz it up in a blender completely before freezing, so you have a well-mixed drink when you thaw it out in the fridge.

There are lots of ways to incorporate NGX BodyFuel into your day-to-day recipes - anything from soup to sweet treats can benefit from a scoop or two. By treating BodyFuel as an ingredient versus just the base for a shake, you can create nutrient, dense healthy recipes. Why not add a scoop into your porridge – or make some protein pancakes? It really is more versatile than you think!