Yasmin's NGX Story
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Yasmin's NGX Story

"Using NGX to improve strength, power and performance" 

On Saturday the 26th of June, NGX hero Yasmin Bappoo set 2 British Powerlifting records and placed 1st in the under 47kg category supported by NGX. Read about her personal journey and how NGX helped her shatter her previous personal bests!

Setting 2x GB Powerlifting records 🥇🥇 

I have always had a passion for fitness. From the age of 5, I was attending dance, ballet, gymnastics, tennis, and swimming classes either after school, or on the weekend. I did it because I enjoyed how it made me feel.

My perspective on the reasons as to why I trained change as I grew older and to explain why, I need to provide context to my situation.

Female squatting with a weightlifting bar.

As I grew up, I began to realise that my personal life was a little different to other children. I had numerous congenital facial deformities that greatly impacted on my physical appearance which led to me feeling incredibly self-conscious for the way I looked. Throughout school I had to undergo complex surgery, and deal with being bullied by other children – I felt powerless.

Fast-forward to my 1st year at University, I was struggling with my mental health from the adversity I had been through and decided to join the gym for my daily dose of dopamine from weightlifting. As I developed my strength and my lifts increased, the more empowered I began to feel.

Striving for More

In my 3rd year at the University of Birmingham, I joined the Powerlifting society. In my first competition, I was in the 52kg category and my lifts were 97kg, 47kg, 130kg for squat, bench, and deadlift respectively, placing overall 4th place.

The following year, I focused on my strength training, kept nutrition similar to the previous year but dropped my weight to enter the 47kg category. My lifts at this competition were 112kg, 55kg and 145kg for squat, bench, and deadlift respectively, placing overall 2nd place with a deadlifting British Record.

Two girls, one on the left holding a Powerlifting trophy.

Although I was happy with both of my Powerlifting performance, I knew my body was capable of more, but I wasn’t sure how to take it to that next level. With much google searching, I found NGX and I thought it was too good to be true, but I was proven wrong!

The Power of Personalised Nutrition

I purchased the 2-week starter pack in June of 2020, took my DNA nutrition test and sent it back to the lab. I received my personalised nutrition report and I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that was given to me. Fuelled with excitement, I booked my free-consultation with one of their nutritionists to deep dive into my genetic results.

I discovered I had been under-consuming essential nutrients that played a role in my energy levels (explained my fatigue). I also learned my body is highly sensitive to carbohydrates and that I would be better having a diet focused more on fat as an energy source.

A few days later, I received my personalised BodyFuel which had a nutritional profile suited to my DNA results. This took my nutrition to the next level, beyond the standard meal prepping I had been used to.

Female squatting with an NGX sports bra on and shorts

From taking BodyFuel twice a day alongside my meals, I noticed my strength climb on my compound lifts, recovery and general energy increased, and my skin cleared. As someone who has always struggled with severe acne throughout teenage years and adulthood this was amazing to me! It didn’t happen overnight, but change takes time, I stuck to it and I am glad I did. 

At the start of 2021, I reached out to Nathan at NGX. I told him I was preparing for a British Powerlifting show and that I wanted to exceed my previous performance. With his expertise in the fitness industry, we teamed up to shatter my personal bests and place 1st in the under 47kg category.

He provided me with a training and diet program that incorporated NGX and over the months of training, I broke every one of my powerlifting personal bests despite having no proper gym facilities over COVID-19. The 26th of June approached, and it was competition day…

Competition Day

Obviously, things were a little different as I was competing under COVID-19 restrictions. Normally, friends, family and fitness enthusiasts could come and watch and this added greatly to the ‘hype’ of the event. However, athletes were only able to bring their coach so Nathan came to support and keep me in the right mindset, aka ‘the zone’.  Man and women with a straight face. The women preparing for a weightlifting session. 

My lifts were 125kg, 62.5kg and 157.5kg for squat, bench, and deadlift respectively. I equaled the current squat record and set new British records for deadlift and the overall British record (total of all lifts). This is an increase on by personal bests by 13kg, 7.5kg, and 12.5kg across the lifts and placed me overall 1st in my category.

Man talking to women, getting her in the mindset to weightlift.

It is by no means fluke that these results came after focusing on my nutrition, just as much as I did on my weight training. NGX showed me the importance and the role that nutrition had to play in optimising my performance in lifting, but also my general wellbeing.

Although I am happy with the result, I know I did successful lifts at a heavier weight in training. Therefore, my next mission with NGX is to break the British squat record and set a new deadlift and overall total British record at the European championships later this year.

Becoming the Best You 

NGX is not just for the elite, it is for those who are striving to be better. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, have more energy on your daily walk, or get stronger in the gym, they will invest their time in supporting you get there.

Women holding weightlifting trophy next to a man.
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