"NGX Transformation by Karen" A side-by-side transformation photo of a women who has lost weight.
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"NGX changed my life for good."

A blog written by our NGX Hero Karen

Grew Up Comfort Eating

Growing up, I was always seen as the 'chubby' kid, always the last one picked at PE and I ate lots of sweets and chocolate, this has always made me feel happier - comfort food. 

Fast-forward to my mid-twenties, I had given birth to two wonderful, healthy children and I found my weight ballooned to a size 20. I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight, but their 'dieting system' made no sense, but I did manage to lose some weight.

I hit the target I set in my mind and left Weight Watchers and found myself falling back into the same 'bad lifestyle' of eating boxes of chocolates and packets of sweets. I tried numerous slimming shakes, packed with sugar and ingredients I couldn't pronounce without success - I gave up trying to be the best me for the next 20 years.

Along Came COVID-19

In 2020, COVID-19 hit and no one could have predicted how that was going to impact the lives of people around the world. Working in the Emergency services, I even busier than I had ever been and I couldn't care what I was eating, so I continued comfort eating through Covid to deal with the pressure. During this time, I actually began suffering with sugar withdrawal. When I woke up, I would have headaches and I was the most unfit I had ever been.

A Change of Mindset

Come 2021, I knew I had to give up sugar, and give it up for good. I was ready to strive to become a better me, enough was enough. I began replacing high sugar snacks with lower sugar alternatives such as blueberries and Greek yoghurt. My weight began to drop, but some weeks I was not losing any, it was becoming frustrating. 

I began running, and I found I enjoyed having a protein shake after a run. After looking at the back of label, I realised it was packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. I went onto Amazon to search for an alternative, and there were so many claiming to be natural, health and vegan. With that being said, all of the reviews said they tasted grit. Was I searching for the impossible? Was there not a shake that fit all of the above?

Along Came NGX

Amazon suggested the NGX Two-week Starter Pack and I decided to go to the NGX website and read up on the Trustpilot reviews. I found an offer on Blue Light Card and ordered.

The DNA kit came very quickly and I posted it back the same day. When I received my report, it was extremely detailed and I was amazed at the information it provided me with. Within a few days my personal Bodyfuel arrived with my name on which was a great touch. Started off with one a day for breakfast and tried different fruit/milk combinations provided by the team.

As I work 10 hour shifts, I found it easier to make 2 shakes every morning to take into work for breakfast and lunch. One mixed with fruit, and the other vegetables. I was not convinced I would be full all day, but I was wrong. I found confidence in knowing that I was consuming all of the essential nutrients I needed, in quantities personalised to me and I have never been hungry.

I started to drop a few pounds, and I re-joined a gym on the 19th of May. People began to make comments about how amazing I looked, and how they hardly recognised me. Had I really changed that much in a month? I was eager to tell everyone my success was doing to how NGX changed my lifestyle for the better.

Since joining NGX, I have lost 25lbs (11kg) and have finally hit a healthy BMI range for the first time since 2004.

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