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NGX has been life-changing for me

by NGX - Vitalii Collaborator on Sep 01, 2021

NGX has been life-changing for me

I have been carrying extra weight for most of my adult life, and I thought that was just how it was going to be for me. I was so wrong. I met a friend who is an amazing cross-fit athlete, and she recommended NGX, as she used it as part of her fitness and wellbeing regime. I didn’t hold out much hope, as I had tried every fad diet going, and needless to say, none of them worked, but I thought I would give it a try for a month. 

I sent off for the DNA testing kit, and within 14 days, my results came back. It showed that I had intolerance to gluten, and a few other things that I had never considered. It also came with one pack of NGX BodyFuel, and I added a pack of SuperBerry flavouring to add to it.

Woman holding NGX bodyfuel package  


It was time to give it a go, and so I had it for breakfast, and also lunch with a healthy snack, such as nuts or dates. I wanted to give it a really good try, and so I ensured my evening meal was filling and healthy. My main goal was weight loss, and so I was taken by surprise by a surge of energy within a week, meaning that I was looking for additional activities to do.

I have always enjoyed running, but trained intermittently, when I felt like it, and so I didn’t really ever improve. It gave me the push and motivations I needed to get going again. Within two months I was running 10K regularly, and I also started increasing my cycling mileage, most importantly, really enjoying my exercise, rather than it being a chore.

As I stated previously, I have tried so many different eating plans, but just never kept to it, mainly because I didn’t enjoy what I was eating. NGX BodyFuelhowever tastes amazing. I look forward to my smoothie every morning, and never tire of it, in fact, it is what gets me out of bed in the morning. My regular is BodyFuel and SuperBerry flavour with a banana, chia seeds and frozen raspberries. It’s just amazing.

I have been using NGX for 14 months, and intend to continue using it every day. During this time, the exercise I have been doing, and my NGX smoothies have had the effect that I don’t feel the need to weigh anymore, which is fantastic! I was obsessed with the number on the scales, now I go by how my clothes feel!

It’s no longer a battle, and I no longer crave the wrong foods, because when I’ve had such a healthy start to the day, I don’t feel inclined to snack on sweets all day anymore. I still treat myself, but don’t feel guilty about it.


I am very happy, knowing that NGX has the most beneficial nutrition for me, and the proof is that I am bursting with energy, and I can honestly say that I live life to the full.

I am 53 years old and love being active, and have just joined my local rowing club, which has been more challenging than I thought but so fulfilling.

Thank you NGX for giving me my life back.