Georgia's NGX Story
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Georgia's NGX Story

Using NGX to reach my daily protein intake

Hi my name is Georgia Yannakas and I am Ballet Barre Fitness founder and a full time ballet teacher.

The reason why I started drinking NGX Is because I was really finding it difficult to reach my protein intake.

I am always active, teaching 5 to 6 hours a day. I'm constantly standing and constantly dancing and realised I needed more protein in my diet with the help of NGX.

They helped me and showed me how much protein I should be having and I was having a lot under because I'm trying to cut down my meat intake so my body was really struggling to recover.

The reason why I really like NGX is because they use your DNA. Your genetics to tell you what you should be having and my shake is personalised to my genes.

They took a swab (which was very easy to do) and told me basically what my body finds really difficult to break down from foods. Which for me was carbohydrates and lactose.

Apparently I'm lactose intolerant which I I'm not really surprised about what's honest because now I know to avoid it and I can cut down the bloat.

It's personal to you and they add all the vitamins and minerals in here that your body is lacking.

So I literally trust this stuff because it's for me personally and it's not generic anyway since using this I've been I've been using now for a month now and I feel so much more energised and I get through my day without being tired, which is so new for me because I'm so tired by the time I get to like my final hour of teaching, like second to last hour, I'm dying.

So yeah, this is top quality, like I've really enjoyed using it and now it's part of my routine. So yeah, great stuff!

We love Georgia 💘

She loves to bring her personalised BodyFuel to her teaching sessions and often uses it as a breakfast smoothie.



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