Benefits of NGX BodyFuel for Building Lean Muscle
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Benefits of NGX BodyFuel for Building Lean Muscle

If you're anything like our fitness fanatics at team NGX, you have invested a lot of time into getting the results you want from your training. Whether that be building lean muscle for the summer, or shaving seconds of your marathon run time, you are missing one critical ingredient in the pursuit for more - the power of personalised nutrition. 

Professional athletes have teams that personalise and fine-tune each element of their lifestyle in order to be at their best, including a nutritionist. Without professional nutritional support, it is almost impossible to understand your personal nutritional needs, not forgetting the stress of planning to hit those needs everyday! 

At NGX, we have a team of science and nutrition experts to make understanding, and hitting your personal nutritional needs, simple. It's called personalised BodyFuel. 

Top Benefits of BodyFuel

The key element of BodyFuel is that it's personalised to your DNA. This means that the nutrients within your shake are increased to specific percentages, above the regular daily allowance to account for 'unfavourable gene results' (those that impair your ability to process and utilise a specific nutrient). As a result, the nutrients in your bloodstream will be at an optimum level to help you achieve your fitness related goals. 

Let's explore some of the key features of personalised BodyFuel and how they benefit you.

Building Lean, Strong Muscle

Protein Content

Personalised BodyFuel is packed with up to 27g of protein from naturally sourced, high quality crushed brown rice and peas. The current protein RDA (0.8g per lb of body weight) is based on the minimum required intake

This misapplication is problematic for both active and aging adults who require higher protein needs (1). Consuming protein above the RDA alongside physical activity is correlated to an increase in muscle and strength (2).

Consuming 2x35g scoops of NGX each day is a total of 54g of protein. This provides a huge boost to your protein intake, perfect for those gains. 

Vitamin D

The NGX DNA Nutrition Test includes your VDR receptor sensitivity, this determines how your body responds to vitamin D, and the amount you require.

Vitamin D is critical for muscle development, quantities below your personal nutritional requirements can impact your ability to build muscle (3). We increase the vitamin D in your personalised BodyFuel greater than the RDA based on your VDR receptor result.


An essential mineral for regulation of muscle and nerve function. Evidence outlines magnesium has a positive influence on functional dynamic measures such as 1 repetition max, fatigue and torque (4). Your BodyFuel contains the magnesium your body needs to power through training sessions and competitions. 


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Enhance Every Workout 

B Vitamins 

Your DNA test results include the result of MTHFR, RFC1 & TCN2 genes. Together, these genes determine your ability to process and utilise B9 and B12.

Depending on the result, processing ability can be reduced by up to 70% (5). Training further increases demand of B vitamins (6), and insufficient intake can impair energy levels, leading to flat workouts. Depending on your results, your personalised BodyFuel contains B vitamins that can be significantly higher than the recommended daily average - never waste another workout.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 enhances the activity of the mitochondria, the cell 'battery', making it vital for muscle contraction. If you have an 'unfavourable' VDR gene result discovered in your DNA nutrition test, research shows you may require a vitamin D intake higher than the regular daily average to prevent deficiency (7).

Depending on your VDR results, your personalised BodyFuel contains the amount of vitamin D you need (greater than the RDA), optimising muscle contraction in your workout.


Essential for the oxygenation of the blood and therefore important for cognitive function. During periods of activity, Iron levels decrease which require replenishment (8).

A systematic review discovered Iron supplementation can improve both attention and concentration (9). Your personalised BodyFuel contains an optimal amount of iron to help you focus in your sessions.


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Recover Faster From Workouts


Your DNA test results outline the result of your IL6 and TNF genes. These two genes play an important role in your inflammatory response which can impact muscle soreness and recovery.

Omega-3 supplementation has been associated with an improvement in both post-exercise muscle damage and soreness (10). Your personalised BodyFuel contains the omega-3 you need, dependent on your genetic results.


Experience the Benefits of Personalised

By consuming 2x35g scoops a day of your personalised BodyFuel, you reach your personal nutritional needs, that's right, no stress planning several meals. The result? BodyFuel becomes your perfect training partner in achieving your fitness goals.


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