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"I transformed my physique in 12 weeks with NGX."

by NGX Nathan on Jul 16, 2021

"I transformed my physique in 12 weeks with NGX."

A blog written by our NGX Hero Nico...

Struggling to Build Lean Muscle

Being in the hospitality sector, I found myself with very little time to eat properly and would often binge on anything when I had the chance. On top of work, I would try and train at least 3 times a week and although I gradually increased my strength, I was never satisfied with the results as I carried stubborn weight on the upper half of my physique.

I set a goal that after lockdown I would make an effort to transform my physique. I wanted to maintain the strength I had, but I also wanted to look leaner to boost my confidence and that's when I joined NGX.

Sticking to Personalised Nutrition 

After taking the DNA test and receiving my personalised nutrition report and BodyFuel, I began focusing on what food I put into my body. I take my pouches of BodyFuel to work as it enables me to hit my personal nutritional needs despite being on the go, all day, everyday.  

Committing to Change 

After my starter pack, I reached out to the team at NGX to provide feedback on how much I enjoyed the product and my goal to build lean muscle for the summer. I had a call with Nathan about a new project called the 'NGX90 Transformation' and I wanted in - the rest is history. 

On top of my monthly supply of BodyFuel, I had access to a personalised training program, diet plan and online coaching for 12 whole weeks, all centralised within an app called My PT Hub.

I had some really enjoyable BodyFuel smoothies, and the training program really challenged my body. Each day, I logged my nutrition, workout progress and the accountability was excellent. 

Over time, my physique changed, and as I dropped excess weight, my energy levels increased and I noticed the definition really come through. Since I began NGX, I have lost over 10kg, increased my training capacity and built healthier habits.