Improve Wellness with NGX

Find your perfect balance of health and happiness with tasty, vegan friendly nutrition that’s made for you, your genes and your lifestyle

Gut Health
Improve Wellness with NGX
Improve Wellness with NGX

achieve their
fitness goals

Reported by a study of 98 customers
who completed a 6 week trial of
NGX, using BodyFuel
twice per day

Reduced Body fat percentage
Lost at least 4kg
Reported to have more energy
Your Personalised Daily Nutrition
Light, high protein nutrition for achieving healthy, sustainable weight loss
NGX BodyFuel
NGX BodyFuel Pro

28x 35g servings of high protein, complete nutrition that tastes
great and is personalised to you

How BodyFuel improves helps you find your happy weight

Promote muscle health
Cognitive performance Burn body fat
Lean 120kcal – 140kcal formula
Cellular Activity Feel great
Personalised mix of 26 essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Cellular repair Control blood sugar
Made with zero sugar and low glycaemic foods like flaxseeds
Oxidative Repair Feel full for longer
Protein and fibre deliver the highest levels of satiety

Nutrigenetics reveals how well you biologically process, metabolise and use different nutrients. These insights mean we can significantly increase the nutrition in your NGX BodyFuel. This scientific validation helps you get to your best, faster than ever.

Scientifically proven benefits of a genetically personalised plan

NGX BodyFuel
NGX BodyFuel Pro
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