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Hi [name]! Thanks for taking the quiz. Based on what you told us, your current level of nutrition is [score_level] to achieve your goals.
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We think you would benefit highly from a personalised diet. Different bodies have different needs and you are, well, no different! At NGX we personalise your products, helping you easily meet your needs and achieve the best results.

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NGX is developed by world leading experts in nutrition, genetics and nutrigenetics. Together, they combine the most robust nutrigenetic science with the highest quality ingredients to create great tasting nutritional products that are perfect for your body.

The relationship between our genes and what we eat is becoming clearer through advances in the field of nutrigenetics - once an individual has had their genetic profile determined, they can optimise their daily nutritional intake and achieve enhanced physical and cognitive performance.

Dr. Vimal Karani, Associate Professor of Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics, University of Reading