Shape & Sculpt with NGX

Fuel your physique with delicious plant powered nutrition that’s made for your lifestyle and DNA

Shape & Sculpt with NGX
Shape & Sculpt with NGX

achieve their
fitness goals

Whether you are running, cycling or
swimming, research shows that NGX helps
you get more from your training and
achieve better results.

Increased 1Rep Max Strength
Increased Muscle Size
Reduced Body Fat %
Your Personalised Daily Nutrition
Light, high protein fuel for achieving a sculpted physique
NGX BodyFuel
NGX BodyFuel Pro

28x 35g servings of high protein, complete nutrition that’s personalised to your lifestyle.

How BodyFuel improves your performance

Increases Muscle Size & Strength
44-54g of complete protein
Cognitive performance Optimises Physical Wellness
26 essential vitamins and minerals, in the amounts you need
Cellular Activity Reduces Workout Fatigue
Includes Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D, Iron and Magnesium
Cellular repair Improves Muscle Recovery
Rich in essential amino acids, BCAAs and Omega-3

Nutrigenetics reveals how well you biologically process, metabolise and use different nutrients. These insights power a significant nutrition boost in your NGX. This scientific validation enables maximisation of the performance benefits you can achieve from your BodyFuel shake.

Selection of Nutrients we validate and boost using DNA

NGX BodyFuel
NGX BodyFuel Pro
Fats Booster