DNA Nutrition Test

Learn how to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing by getting the right nutrition

DNA Nutrition Test

Learn how to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing by getting the right nutrition

Discover what your personal nutrition should ideally look like for your genes and body type with this comprehensive genetic test and report.

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Do you struggle with...

Struggling to cut body fat?

Cutting body fat?

Struggling ot cut body fat rear

Some of us can consume a lot of carbohydrates before these are turned into body fat while others will quickly store carbohydrates as body fat. Which diet is better for you?

Struggling to cut body fat rear
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Arkadianos, I., Valdes, A.M., Marinos, E. et al. Improved weight management using genetic information to personalize a calorie controlled diet. Nutr J (2007).
Effect of an Internet-based, personalized nutrition randomized trial on dietary changes associated with the Mediterranean diet: the Food4Me Study, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August 2016
Low energy and fatigue

Low energy or fatigue?

Low energy and fatigue rear

You could have variations in the MTHFR or TCN2 genes, resulting in lower than average levels of folate and vitamin B12

Low energy and fatigue rear
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Muscle soreness

Muscle soreness after exercise?

muscle soreness rear

Vitamin D plays an important role in muscle function and you could have low vitamin D levels, caused by variations in the VDR gene

muscle soreness rear
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If you are not reaching your goals it is likely you are not getting the right nutrition for your genes and body type. The right nutrition for you is essential for hitting any health or fitness targets.

You are unique and you have unique nutrition requirements

RI values aren't suitable at an individual level

Food reference intake guidelines (like NRV, DRV, RI - the old RDAs) are based on thousands of people. However at an individual level, we are all very different and we have different nutritional needs. Our genes contain key information about our nutrition requirements that we can use to optimise our nutrient intake, which enables us to achieve our best possible health and fitness outcomes. Just ask George...

Learn about your unqiue requirements

Take our DNA Nutrition Test to learn about diet and nutrition needs such as

Take our DNA Nutrition Test to learn about your diet and nutrition needs

Optimal diet type

Carbohydrate sensitivity

Fat sensitivity

Gluten tolerance

Lactose tolerance

Caffeine sensitivity

Vitamin A needs

Vitamin B needs

Vitamin D needs

Vitamin E needs

Selenium needs

And much, much more!

Your report covers

Receive your results within as little as 10-14 business days

Optimal diet type

Carbohydrate sensitivity

Fat sensitivity

Gluten tolerance

Lactose tolerance

Caffeine sensitivity

Vitamin A-E needs

Selenium needs

And much, much more!

Receive your results within as little as 10-14 business days

Unlock the best version of you

Match your nutrition to your requirements and unlock new levels of fitness, health and wellbeing


Speed up
Get a leaner


Fat Loss
Hair & Skin


Improve Sleep

Improve Mood

Reduce Stress


Get Your DNA Nutrition Test Now

Discover your unique nutrition requirements and learn how to achieve the best that you can be

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As seen in...

How does it work?


Order online and we will send you a DNA collection kit which you need to register at


Collect your sample using the cheek swab provided and return to us using the pre-paid envelope


After 10-14 business days, we will send you the results and your personalised nutrition report

What our customers say

"I highly recommend for anyone looking to lose weight or build muscle.

I've been having two scoops a day - normally taken as a replacement for breakfast as I never have time in the morning - plus one scoop of the PowerPack protein after I workout. Normal meals and portion sizes for lunch and dinner."

Charlie, UK

"Delicious and easy to use.

Working as a nurse and doing busy shift patterns, I would occasionally miss meals altogether. Sometimes I rely on meal replacement shakes like complan. NGX has much less sugar, higher nutritional content and definitely fills me up more"

Sinead, Southampton

"There's something satisfying and relieving to know that what I'm putting in my body has been genetically proven to benefit me"

Jiaxi, London

"Loved this stuff! Kept me full till lunch and tastes great! Would recommend"

Wilson, UK

What our customers have to say

"As a personal trainer I have been looking for a product I can trust. After three months of testing, this is definitely the product for me. The taste is great, mixes really well and the results speak for themselves. I’ve managed to incorporate into my routine and it saves me time and money not having to make another meal prep each day."

CJ, London

Your privacy is important to us

We know that data privacy is important. We handle and process your data responsibly and do not share or sell your personal data to any 3rd parties that are not an essential part of our supply chain for providing genetically personalised products and services to you.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We are confident that you will love NGX and experience real gains and benefits from using the product. However, if after 60 days you are not satisfied and are genuinely dissatisfied, we will give you your money back.


How do I take the test?

You will receive a genetic test kit in the post within a few days after ordering. When you open the box, remove the contents and read the instruction leaflet inside.

The first thing you should do is register the barcode that comes with your test at Next, collect your DNA sample by rubbing the cotton wool swab on the inside of your cheek and deposit the swab into the collection tube. Break the swab in half at the midpoint marker. Carefully open the foil packet and deposit the 'Dri-Capsule' into the tube with your sample. Take care not to touch the capsule. Seal the tube with the cap provided and deposit the sample in the return envelope. Post the envelope into your nearest post box.

Once you have posted this back to us we will then send you and email with your full genetic test results within 10-14 working days explaining your genetic dietary needs and how they differ (often drastically) from the standard recommendations made by the EU ‘average person’ (RDA/NRI etc.) that you see on the back of packaging.

What do you do with my genetic data?

We take your privacy very seriously. Your data is anonymised as soon as you register your DNA kit online - that is why this step is so important. You data remains anonymised until we have the results of your test, at which point we build your report and send it to you. Your DNA sample is destroyed after 3 months and we do not sell or pass on your data to any third parties. We keep all your personal information on secure, encrypted servers - so you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and not being sold or transferred to third parties.

How long until I receive my results?

Once you have posted your sample to us, you should receive your results within 10-14 business days.

What is nutrigenetic science?

Nutrigenetics is the rapidly growing field of science that seeks to understand how we metabolise and process different nutrients, based on variations found within our DNA (these are called genetic polymorphisms). The ultimate goal of nutrigenetics is to enable an individual to achieve optimal levels of physical and mental health, by using the insights provided by their genetic polymorphisms to personalise nutrient intake.

Nutrigenetics aims to match nutrient intake with the genetic makeup, so that metabolism and functions of the cells can perform optimally. Scientific studies have demonstrated that we can achieve better health outcomes if nutritional requirements are tailored for each individual taking into consideration their genetic differences and characteristics.

What is the evidence for nutrigenetics?

The field of nutrigenetics was established in 1975 but really took off in the early 2000's, after completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Since then, over 2,000 scientific papers have been written in the field and more are completed every single day. Simply search 'nutrigenetics' in PubMed (a well known scientific journal database) for a full list of resources.
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