Our mission is simple: to develop the most personalised nutrition shakes using only the highest quality ingredients whilst causing no unnecessary harm to the environment 

Our Story

The world of nutrition has always been complex. Official dietary guidelines are difficult to understand and food packet labelling challenging to follow. Thanks to the science of nutrigenetics, we now know that our individual nutritional requirements can also vary widely because of our genetic make up.
For most of us, this means we have been missing our nutrition targets regularly, simply because we don’t know what they are. Nutrition is fundamental to physical and mental wellbeing, so when we miss our targets our bodies simply don't operate at their peak levels of performance
 That’s why we created NGX. A simple and convenient way for you to hit your daily nutrition targets, allowing you to focus on unlocking the true genetic potential of your mind and body.

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 We are committed to providing great products and great customer service. If you have any feedback for us, any issues or you want to get in touch for any other reason, please email us on support@nutri-genetix.com

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