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Virtual Races: How to get your competition fix at home

With the pandemic making large-scale gatherings difficult, many are turning to technology for ways to train, compete and stay connected with teammates. Some have kept it simple logging workouts and training plans - others are using fitness apps like MapMyRun and Strava.

In 2020, Strava gained two million new members per month and 172,000 new groups were created on the platform. Despite lockdown we’ve still been exercising together - in the UK, from March to May, we logged 82% more outdoor activities than usual, making the UK the most active global nation for outdoor activity.

Caution Runners sign

But if you’re finding it hard to keep your motivation up without a competition in your sights, here are four races coming up in 2021 to keep you focused and chasing that PB. The beauty is that virtual races can be done anywhere in the World, so you have the opportunity to take part in races that previously you could only dream of….so what are you waiting for?

May the force be with you

Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

When? April 15, 2021 to April 18, 2021

Organisers at Disney have created a virtual event for runners who would like to run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon and be part of a fun galactic experience whilst raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation. Whether you run around you neighbourhood, home gym, or back garden you’ll not only receive a novelty finisher medal, but a race t-shirt, a printable bib, mile markers, a virtual playlist and a finisher certificate. Entries are open now.

A Treasure Seekers pleasure

The 90 Minute Dash

When? Jan 30th/31st 2021

Assemble your ultimate virtual team to compete in this treasure-hunt style event. You'll receive a virtual briefing with a list of 60 items that you and your team will need to find. The clock starts and you have 90 minutes to plan and execute your mission. Your team can be based anywhere in the world (and in different places) and the challenge is designed for all levels of fitness (including walkers) – it’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family and anyone can join in from 9-90.

Running in dark

Who runs the world?

Virtual Marathon Series

When? Throughout 2021

Each year thousands of hopeful runners sign up for the World Series Marathons, but don’t make the cut. If you’ve always dreamed of pounding the pavements of New York, London, Toyko or Berlin, then 2021 could be your year. Get your team together, and train hard on your own – however, if you want to conquer the gruelling 26.2 miles – it’s up to you. Runners receive training tips, playlists, spot prizes and medals. Run just over 1 mile per day for 25 days at your own pace to complete the any time challenge, or join the masses in the group races later in the year. Starting from February.


 So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

(photo taken pre Covid-19)

The Euro Virtual

Euro Virtual Challenge

When? Entrants must complete the competition before 31st June

Wherever you stood on the Brexit debate, January not only marks a change in political relationships across Europe, it’s also a great opportunity to get fit and take on a new challenge. The Euro Virtual, features 5 route options to exit Europe’s capital – from the short 100 km hop to the wonderful city of Bruges – to the strenuous 400 km if you’re determined to get back to London (no virtual restrictions at Dover!). Grab your kit, clock up your miles on the virtual leader board and help raise money for UK charities

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